Saturday, October 29, 2011

o is for owl {free printable}

I usually spend Saturdays preparing meals for Sunday. But, since I got most of my cooking done yesterday,  I had time to do a craft with CJ instead. I printed out the parts for a cute little owl using free templates from the Lakeshore Learning website. When my oldest daughter saw what we were doing, she said, "He's up to o already?"

I explained to her that this not for his abc notebook, it was a different project. But then I thought, "Why not?" So our owl got glued to a notebook page. I used the scraps cut from the owl's body as a stencil to draw an o, making it about 1 cm. smaller around the outside edge. We glued the o on top of the owl and our notebook page was done!

 My "stencil." Can you see the cuts along
 the edges where CJ was practicing his
scissors skills?

The owl was a bit big for the page, but I think it is still cute.
If you want to do more with owls, the Lakeshore Learning site also had some cute printables for owl addition.

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