Friday, March 23, 2012

Multiplication Wheel {free printable}

I first saw this idea on Pinterest, but it was one of those pins that has been copied so often, the original source seems non-existent. I finally traced it down to a blog post by Robinsunne which came up with an error message.

Since I really wanted to do this activity with my girls, and it looked like a bit too much measuring and designing for a 7 &  8 year old to accomplish, I created a notebook page with a pattern. There are lines to help with the number placement, but they are light enough that they are barely visible after the wheel is colored. (The wheel pictured above is the sample I did to show them.) 

I tried once more to trace down the source before writing this blog post and came up with Robinsunne's Flickr page  showing a picture of the multiplication clock that started it all. You can download my Multiplication Wheel Printable if you'd like to try it with your own children, or do it freestyle (as the original was done) by following the instructions linked below.

* (You can read Robinsunne's original instructions by typing the URL into The Wayback Machine.) 

For more multiplication practice, use our Skip Counting Minibooks or Skip Counting Drill Sheets.


  1. Thank you so much for producing this! I've been looking for instructions as to how to do this but couldn't find any, I hope you don't mind if I pin this so others can find you!

    1. Yes, go ahead and pin it. Also, I finally managed to track down the original instructions. You can see the link in the updated post above.

    2. Is this just basically to help them study their facts? Do the different sections on the wheel turn or anything?

    3. It is just a study aid. Nothing spins.

    4. It is just a study aid. Nothing spins.


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