Monday, August 5, 2013

Chore Charts For Large Families {free printable}

Since the chore chart I used as an illustration on my post about why kids need chores has been so popular, I thought it deserved a post of its own. My first attempts at coming up with a way for my children to keep track of their chores were a disaster. They consisted of separate lists for each child (worked for them, but hard for me if I needed to find who was responsible for a specific chore) and complicated lists with names scribbled all over them. Finally, through a lot of trial and error I came up with a simple system that used color coding. Because I had color coded everything else already (hangers, cups, etc.), my children had no trouble identifying which chores they were responsible for. And it allowed me to have different children doing the same chore on different days, without needing to clutter up the chart with a bunch of names. 

My color code, in order of age: 

  • Blue (son)
  • Red (son)
  • Yellow (daughter)
  • Green (son)
  • Orange (son)
  • Purple (daughter)
  • Pink (daughter)
  • Light Blue (son)
  • Peach (daughter)
  • Brown (all)

Some of the chores that have been on our list at different times, depending on what needed to be done and who was available to help:

  • Make Papa’s breakfast & coffee/ pack lunch (Back when I was in the midst of raising toddlers and nursing babies, my husband started paying our oldest daughter to get up early and fix his breakfast so that I could sleep in. Our 2nd oldest daughter, age 9, now does it for him. It is the only job on the chore list that earns  pay. 
  • Make bed/Straighten bedroom
  • Get dressed/do devotions
  • Help younger sibling dress
  • Exercise
  • Place bedding in the wash
  • Set table for breakfast/ clean up after
  • Make breakfast
  • AM dishes
  • Feed animals
  • Sweep & mop
  • Check garbage and compost- empty as needed
  • Clean  bathroom (wipe counters, fresh towel, etc.)
  • Clean bathroom (toilet and all)
  • Vacuum
  • Dust/wipe walls clean
  • Wash & dry laundry
  • Fold own laundry & put it away
  • Make lunch
  • Lunch clean up
  • Lunch dishes
  • Set table for supper
  • Help with supper
  • Make supper
  • PM clean up
  • PM dishes

Large Family Chore Chart {free printable}

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  1. printing this today and filling out for the kiddos! thanks so much...


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