Monday, October 29, 2012

f is for fireman {free printable}

Because CJ had asked to study firemen for "school" this year, I was excited to learn that October 7-13 was National Fire Safety Week. I had already searched the childrens' section of our library for books and videos on fireman.  But I had not found even half of the items that our nice librarians gathered for their Fire Safety Week Display. It was tempting to check out the whole pile of books ('cause that's what homeschoolers do, right?), but I controlled myself.

Yes, I know it looks like a tail,
but it is fire hose. Really, it is.

We will be spreading our study out over much longer than a week, but the fact that there is  a National Fire Saftey Week made it much easier to find resources. It's nice when lessons can be both fun and easy to plan. And since we are almost to the letter "f" in our Alphabet Notebooks, we skipped "e" (temporarily) so we could do "f is for fireman."

This fireman bears a strange resemblance to our "d" dinosaur. I wanted to add a face to make him more man-like, but I got out voted by my children. Feel free to get creative if you would prefer a face.

Here some additional resources that I found online:

I'm putting this first because, as far as 3 year old boys are concerned, the snack is the most important thing. Family Fun has a cute little campfire made out of cheddar cheese, pretzels, and green grapes and  Taste of Home has some cute fire trucks made out of graham crackers. (We are actually avoiding gluten and sugar right now, so I won't do either of these as written. But I'll try to adapt them for him.)



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