Saturday, October 27, 2012

How To Make A "Leather-Look" Vase

You will need:

* a glass jar or vase
* masking tape
* paper towels
* brown shoe polish

Tear small pieces of masking tape off the roll and place them, randomly but slightly over-lapping, on the glass jar. The edges of the tape should be jagged and not square. Make sure you put the tape on flat so you don't create wrinkles. Cover the entire surface of the jar.

Place a small amount of shoe polish on a paper towel and apply it to the surface of the vase. The shoe polish should gather in the cracks along the edges of the tape.

Do NOT polish the surface, but wipe gently as you apply so you don't have too much build-up on the flat sections of the tape. Be careful that you do not rub polish up under the tape or it will no longer stick. Let the shoe polish dry, then spray with a clear sealer. Add flowers to you vase and display with pride!

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